In the Kitchen

In the Kitchen

“Time Around the Table” – The kitchen is the place to be in most homes. Build your office team cohesion in a similar way, like cooking with friends and sharing that meal. What do you learn in that time together over a cup of coffer or cup of tea?

Using of Daring Way ™; Dialectic Behavioral Therapy, Non-Violent Communication, and Narrative Psychotherapy techniques I combine 29 years experience as a professional Psycho-Therapist and my Chef for Hire experience to facilitate team building exercises using experience based learning opportunities found in the kitchen. Cooking together creates a environment for sharing life and experiences. It also provides opportunity to experiment beyond the bounds of recipes or habitual behavioral patterns. world.

How it works: This program is for individuals, families, groups. Menus are planned by clients. It could be a simple as baking cookies or creating a full meal together. Cooking occurs in the clients home per “Chef for Hire” guidelines. Ingredients are purchased in advance by myself. Typically, organic, locally grown produce is used. Session cost is by the hour ($80) per participant plus the cost of food, travel, and taxes. Payment is expected at time services are rendered. Session concludes with sharing together the meal we have prepared.

A Harriette Bugel, M.Div., LCSW, CDWF
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Certified Financial Social Worker
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