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Harriette Bugel - Chef for Hire!

Harriette Bugel
Chef for Hire!

Grandma's Apron 2
Grandma's Apron 3

The aprons seen throughout these pages were all made by my grandmother as birthday gifts for myself and my mother ... truly functional works of art!

"Like falling in love for the first time I enter the kitchen with passion and abandon. As a personal Chef for Hire, I find that combining meals from scratch is stimulating yielding all kinds of ideas from the motion and commotion of a kitchen stirring."

True Color Cooking is all about celebrating life, the journey we share and the part food plays in the mix. My earliest childhood memories are in the kitchen. Those basic skills from Mom have served me well over the years. Like many of you I have finally decided to make my passion my life's work.

The menus and food art I create from local, organic sources can easily be adapted to meet food allergies and sensitivities to gluten, corn, wheat, peanuts, soy, eggs and dairy, as well as meet medical recommendations for arthritis, autism, diabetes, cancer, ADD/ADHD, and celiac conditions.

Join me for dinner, won't you? ... I follow the age-old rituals of hot foods hot and cold foods cold, serving everyone from a common table and continuing the global tradition of the International Slow Food Movement, promoting the use of local, seasonal, sustainable and ethically produced comestibles.

Now on to the good stuff ... Cooking in the company of friends makes work time play time ... When do we eat?

Food Art

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  • Gluten Free Catering and Baked Goods
  • General Catering
  • Traditional Chef for Hire Services
  • Event Food Consultant and Kitchen Management
  • Dance Weekend Catering
  • Cooking for Adults and Kids Teaching the "Art of Catching the Fish"
  • Food Art
  • For fun - cooks with out a recipe
  • Resume

Counseling - Food & You

  • Counseling at the Crossroads of Food and Mental Health (ADD/ADHD, Arthritis, HIV/AIDS, Cancer)
  • Team Building Facilitator — "Time Around the Table"
  • Shopping and Cooking Companion
  • Resume
Preparing Peppers food presentation

Photography by Brent Fleury (, Andy Estes, Bob Bennett, Dennis Merritt, Dave Pokorney.

Uniform Embroidery: Lantana Productions

Knives Sharpened by Ray Kilby 828.776.8800
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Professional Affiliations:

Mountain BizWorks


American Culinary Federation

American and Personal and Private Chef Association

International Slow Food Movement

National Association of Social Workers

Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project