True Colors Compassionate Communication Contra Dance Retreat

You are cordially invited to a life changing event!

Contra Dancing to LIFT TICKET
Calling by Terry Doyle and Warren Doyle
True Color Cooking crafting nourishing meals
Introduction and experiential practice opportunities in                                “Nonviolent Communication A Language of Life” at
The Appalachian Folk School on October 5-7, 2018

“Taking the dance with you into the world with NVC”    Rex Blazer     



True Colors Compassionate Communications Contra Dance Retreat is designed to experience “Nonviolent Communication” basics betwixt and between a weekend filled with dancing and dining. With authenticity and mutual respect, we will learn about the ways we communicate (both verbally and non) and consider strategies to live with more compassion, grace, and connection. Subsequently, we will benefit as individuals and positively effect those in in our circles beyond the weekend.



What Is “Nonviolent Communication” (NVC) aka Compassionate Communication?

A communication process developed by Marshall Rosenberg beginning in the 1960’s, NVC is a technique for clear, empathic, nonjudgmental communications proceeding through four areas of focus: observation, feelings, needs and request.   While NVC is taught as a process of communication to improve compassionate connections to others, it has also been interpreted as a spiritual practice, a set of values, a parenting technique, an education method and a worldview. … an easy to grasp, effective method to get at the roots of violence and pain peacefully. By examining the unmet needs behind what we do and say, NVC helps reduce hostility, heal pain, and strengthen professional and personal relationships.  – Marshall Rosenberg

Why is CC/NVC Relevant to Contra Dancing?

CC/NVC provides a set of skills to request and receive something we need while dancing and ways to consider meeting the expressed needs of others. It keeps the dance community ‘s “play space” safe and satisfying. The practice allows us to increase our capacity for compassion and then share this through whole hearted dancing. Rather than exact moves making the difference in a dance, the value lies in the spaces between them.

Who Creates This Experience?   You, yes You!

Your presence and passion for dancing style with a
willingness to learn and share are key.
Our musicians are Rex Blazer, TJ Crow, and Jeff Spero, Steve Kemble aka
LIFT TICKET rendering playful tunes
Clever calling by Terry Doyle and Warren Doyle will be guiding our dances.
John Pertalion will be providing the ever important sound mixing.
Facilitated  Nonviolent Communication experiences
Chef Harriette of True Color Cooking will be creating
dancer-conscious meals to nourish and sustain.

From the Organizers: 

Both on the dance floor and beyond, I am seeking relationships that align with my values and express my contentment. I imagine that you may be seeking the same. Years ago, while dancing to Lift Ticket’s at Contra Dancers Delight Holiday, a paradigmatic shift on this journey took place. I noticed what a joyful affect a fellow dancer had on others throughout the dance formations. It wasn’t necessarily what he said, though that was important. His intentional presence was obvious, making a pleasure to dance with. In taking with him after the dance I learned he practice Nonviolent Communication.

Ever since then my own CC/NVC practice has become a game changer across all areas of my life. It is a tool which offers me opportunities to become more compassionate, whole hearted, and less violent both internally and externally. My practice shifts how I run my house, choose my diet, maintain relationships, and even write my clinical notes. CC/NVC changes the way I physically move through space and time. True Colors CC Dance Retreat is a way to share my experience as a therapist, dancer, and chef by providing the opportunity for others to explore the benefits of CC/NVC.

Many thanks in advance to fellow practitioners and True Colors Retreat collaborators: Lift Ticket musicians Rex Blazer, TJ Crow, Steve Kemble, and Jeff Spero; Callers Terry Doyle, Warren Doyle; Sound John Petalion, Experience facilitators John Brady and Willow Kelly, Harriette Bugel and Crew of True Color Cooking … and You!

With gratitude, we invite you to join us for a joyful weekend of dance, dining, and community.



Weekend Contact: Harriette Bugel or 828-712-8278 cell/text; Full refunds will be granted until Sept. 22. From Sept 23 until Oct. 4 refunds will be granted minus $20.

ServSafe Certified # 15255191 Expires 6/12/22; Member American Culinary Federation #192779 Chapter NC02; CNA Small Business Service Center – Liability Insurance policy #3012157985. True Color Cooking is a division of True Color Services, LLC