Personal Chef For Hire

As a personal Chef for Hire and Gluten Free Baker
, I find that combining meals and treats from scratch is stimulating, yielding all kinds of ideas from the motion and commotion of a kitchen stirring. True Color Cooking is all about celebrating life, the journey we share and the part food plays in the mix. My earliest childhood memories are in the kitchen. Those basic skills from Mom have served me well over the years. Like many of you I have finally decided to make my passion my life’s work. My creative optimistic nature, my artistic training, my professional skills, the support of friends, a few well chosen alternative medical services,have put me on the road to a rich journey of fun, healthy eating.

I am a self trained Chef. Why, you ask? I am an individual with many food allergies including gluten. I have historically had a difficult time finding food I could eat. The rubber hit the road when I realized I couldn’t eat my wedding cake (PICTURE). My solution was to create a landscape around it that I could eat.

Almost 12 years ago I moved to Asheville, NC. Initially I worked full time as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. ??? I decided to start baking commercially first at Blue Ridge Food Ventures and then with a coveted Home Bakery Certification when I could not find tasty and affordable baked good in the local stores. Understanding the issues of food allergies, sensitivities and intolerances as I do, I have both a personal investment in success and a vested interest in food for others.

My Gluten Free Baked Goods are created one batch at a time I work with venders to keep the prices affordable despite the completely organic content of my product. I am willing and able to prepare “designer” baked good, convert Mom’s recipe in to gluten free or prepare a full meal for your particular health issues and pallet. You got the picture?

Traditional Chef for Hire Services

How it works: You call. We meet. I conduct a client/family meals assessment to determine what and how my clients wishes to eat and to identify any food allergies or sensitivities. I am also listening for special medical conditions that effect cooking methods and consumption. I develop suggested menus within the guidelines revealed in the interview and present them for my clients approval prior to selecting a confirmed cooking date with that client.I complete grocery shopping for all necessary ingredients and bring those supplies. I will use a mix of my own and the clients kitchen equipment to prepare selected entrees.

I anticipate cooking in an already cleaned kitchen. I prepare the agreed upon number of entrees and side dishes and package them for service as the client has requested (single serving or family style). All items will be labeled with specific handling and reheating instructions for a most satisfying meal. I clean the kitchen, pack my equipment and leave good smells.

Payment is expected at time of service unless otherwise stipulated in contract. Fee for service breakdown: labor $50 hr, plus shopping and travel time, raw materials including consumables and “hard scape” (chairs, table cloths, etc). Per meal pricing available as well as weekend/multiple meal pricing.

Photography by Brent Fleury (, Andy Estes, Bob Bennett, Dennis Merritt, Dave Pokorney. Uniform Embroidery: Lantana Productions

ServSafe Certified # 15255191 Expires 6/12/22; Member American Culinary Federation #192779 Chapter NC02; CNA Small Business Service Center – Liability Insurance policy #3012157985. True Color Cooking is a division of True Color Services, LLC